Machinery and equipment and cost accounting now in FARMDOK!

05.04.2021, bbauer

The next FARMDOK update will be coming on April 6, so that all FARMDOK Premium customers will automatically and at no extra charge can record the use of the machinery and use cost accounting. Upgrade to FARMDOK Premium right now!

Stable financing and balanced expenditure and revenue accounting are prerequisites for sound operation and sustainable management. Equally important is the comparison of crop yields to the costs of tillage, fertilization and crop protection. How many crossings and tillage steps are really necessary to maintain or even increase yields? FARMDOK with all its functions is perfect for this. Accurate records of land management, land use documentation, documentation of used operating materials, inventory management, and inventory management make it easy and straightforward to maximize the operating profit and rethink and optimize cost and labor intensive operations.

At Easter we present our customers a small Easter present. With the next FARMDOK update on April 6, machinery and equipment can be created. The ÖKL straightening sets are already stored and only need to be selected from the machine catalog. As well as the consumption of operating material, it is now possible to record the machinery use on the smartphone and in the office on the PC. As usual, FARMDOK remembers which machinery and equipment were used last time. The combination is already preselected next time you spread fertiliser, plant crops or whatever you want to do on the field.

As I said, the costs according to ÖKL are already deposited in FARMDOK, but can be adjusted individually. Then you just have to enter the prices of the used products according to the invoice and you have a complete overview of what will remain in your wallet at the end of the day. FARMDOK offers two calculation schemes – the contribution margin calculation and the direct cost-free service. Individual comparisons of cultures or beats can be performed. If several farms are managed together (FARMDOK Premium multi-operation capability), the entire farms can also be compared.

With FARMDOK Premium, FARMDOK offers here in addition to the field catalogue a complete system for operation management. Plan, record & manage works easily on any smartphone, tablet & PC. Authority reports are automatically generated, updated, and can be printed at any time.

If you have not already, register at and buy FARMDOK Premium so you can keep an eye on costs and services.