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Precision Farming from Seeding to Harvest.

Farm Management & Precision Farming Software

Prepare for tomorrow's challenges and use the potential of digital technologies. We combine tradition & experience with modern technology, for sustainable food production.

Field management

Get more done in a day.

  • Overview your fields in the map or list
  • Color fields by crop or last activity
  • Show non-farm operators where the field is
  • Let you navigate to the field

Field Record

Every field tells its story.

  • All the information about your field
  • In one place, always available
  • Activities from seeding to harvest
  • Product and machine input mobile or in the office

Precision Farming

Give the plant what it needs.

  • Utilize the full yield potential of the soil
  • Every square meter is best farmed
  • Monitor plant growth from a satellite perspective
  • Temperature and rainfall define the limits


Trust but verify.

  • Ensure highest quality standards
  • Make maximum use of the legal framework of GAP
  • Record activities directly in the field
  • Check plant protection rules live

All features

Here you will find an overview of all features. If you like what you see, click "Start now" and try Farmdok for free.
  • Field management

    Field list with map, field record, crop rotation and soil samples

  • Documentation & task management

    Activity recording (also automatic), task planning

  • Notes and photos

    Field notes, optionally with geolocated photos

  • Reports and Export

    Comprehensive analysis and reports, export as XLSX, PDF

  • Fertilizer management

    Nutrient requirements, fertilizer planning for the whole farm & for each field

  • Pflanzenschutz

    All products logged with register number and live check

  • Stock management

    Stock movements with stock levels and comprehensive reports

  • Costing

    Calculate contribution margin at farm, crop and field level

  • Customer management

    Create customers or sub-farms and manage associated fields

  • Vegetation monitoring

    Monitor plant population with satellite data (NDVI, NDWI, LAI, etc.)

  • Prescription maps

    for sowing and fertilization based on satellite data

  • Connectivity & Interfaces

    NutriGuide, MyJohnDeere, etc.

The Advantages of FARMDOK

  • Smart Leverage smart technology

    Farmdok uses cutting-edge technology to create added value for farmers from a wealth of data such as satellite and weather data. Benefit from determining yield potential, optimal distribution of seeds, fertilizers or pesticides, or automatic recording of activities.
  • Mobile & offline capable Mobile app for Android and iOS

    By using commercially available smartphones & tablet PCs, FARMDOK is practical, not tied to a tractor or machine, offline-capable and even works without a mobile network. You always have your smartphone with you.
  • Simple & Automated Saves time and makes work easier

    Our specialists work with our customers to make the FARMDOK application especially practical and easy to use. For example, we automate record keeping based on GPS tracking.

News from FARMDOK



The UN/Austria Symposium 2021 “Space Applications for Food Systems” will take place online from 7 to 9 September 2021. DI Andreas Prankl (Managing Director of FARMDOK) was invited to present how FARMDOK can contribute to environmentally friendly and sustainable food production.

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What our customers say...

“My records done directly on the field are way more precise. I do not have to think about what i did the last days. I get off of the tractor and all my records are done. Submit and done!

Stefan & Gerhard Stieglmayr, live stock & crop production (Mehrnbach, Oberösterreich)

Stefan & Gerhard Stieglmayr
Stefan & Gerhard Stieglmayr

“The trust of our customers is very high because we have the know-how and expertise in the complex area of plant protection and the high quality of services. Proper and entire records are an absolutely must!

Helmut Edlinger, contractor in plant protection (Aschbach, Niederösterreich)

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