The Company

FARMDOK is an AgTech-Startup, based in Lower Austria, with an office in Wieselburg. It develops Smart Farming solutions to facilitate planning and record keeping in agricultural farming. Few farms employ office workers. Nevertheless, recordkeeping is required by government agencies and it is also important for decision making. Farmdok’s four creators, Andreas, Johann and Peter Prankl, as well as Franz Heinzlmaier, stem from agriculture themselves. They developed Farmdok to take the pain out of agricultural data entry and make that data available and actionable.

“With simple tools and affordable smartphones, we want to give farmers the opportunity of concentrating on the value-adding process of working in the field, without having to set aside important information. “

The idea of Farmdok was awarded by the biggest Austrian business plan-competition, “i2B”, as well as by the Lower-Austrian Innovation Award “RIZ Genius”. Farmdok is supported by the “Austrian Wirtschaftsservice” as well as by the “ACCENT”-founding service and is part of the technopole network in Wieselburg. Farmdok also has an office in Vienna, where the focus is set on software development.

The Team

Farmer & agronomist

„… Information should be available for every farmer!“

Franz Heinzlmaier

Farmer & agronomist

„… soil has so much unused potential!“

Peter Prankl

Research & Development

„… we can learn so many important things from recording and monitoring!“

Johann Prankl

CEO & Founder

“…only solutions with high usability are good solutions!”

Andreas Prankl