Automatic recording with the ISOBUS display

28.11.2023, aprankl

Every farmer wants records, information and data about the work carried out in the field. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time recording manually, either with pen and paper or digitally. Manual labour is time-consuming, error-prone and tedious. Nevertheless, it plays a crucial role in administration, planning or compliance with environmental regulations. Modern tractors and many state-of-the-art agricultural machines can automatically record the work carried out in the field. ISOXML TASKDATA is a way to automatically create measures in Farmdok from the recorded tractor and machine data.


ISOXML TASKDATA is a data format used in agriculture to store and exchange information about field work. It was developed to facilitate communication between machines and software systems. TASKDATA contains detailed information about the task in the field (sowing, fertilisation, crop protection, etc.), products used and machine data. This data is generated by the ISOBUS display (also terminal) of modern agricultural machinery and can be saved in ISOXML files.

What are the benefits of ISOXML TASKDATA?

The use of ISOXML TASKDATA offers several advantages for farmers:

  1. Automatic recording: ISOXML TASKDATA allows you to record fieldwork automatically, without extensive manual input. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors
  2. Precise documentation: The data in ISOXML TASKDATA is extremely precise and detailed. They record information such as time stamps, machine positions and resources used.
  3. Efficient planning: The detailed recording of machine data can also be used for crop optimisation and precision farming methods in the future
  4. Standardisation: ISOXML is standardised by the ISO11783 standard. It is already supported by a large number of companies and machines and can be used in many different ways.

Where can I get ISOXML TASKDATA?

Does your machine or tractor have an ISOBUS-capable display/terminal? Your ISOBUS display requires at least the activation of the TC-BAS module (Task Controller Basic). Activation is not always recognisable at first glance and does not necessarily have to be purchased when the machine is purchased. The module can also be purchased at a later date by extending the licence from your agricultural machinery dealer. Ask your agricultural machinery dealer if you are not sure whether your implement is authorised to process ISOXML TASKDATA.
To ensure that fields, products and machines are recorded correctly and completely, the master data (products, machines and fields) from Farmdok should also be transferred to the ISOBUS display. With a task from the Farmdok work planning, this information is automatically transferred to the display.

Start a planned “task” or a new one at the start of work. The ISOBUS display records the field work. Some displays require the recording to be saved after the work has been completed. Once the task has been saved on the display, it can be imported into Farmdok.

Case IH, Steyr and New Holland tractors can automatically transfer recordings to the portal in conjunction with the respective portal – AFS Connect (Case IH), S-Fleet (Steyr) and PLMConnect (New Holland). Farmdok can import these recordings directly from the portal.

If this option is not available to you, save the recording as an ISOXML TASKDATA file on a USB stick. Transfer the data from the USB stick to your PC or notebook, log into Farmdok and start the Measures import in the Measures function. There you can upload the ISOXML TASKDATA and create measures from it.

Overall, ISOXML TASKDATA in conjunction with Farmdok enables farmers to document their field work efficiently and precisely. This not only helps to increase efficiency, but also helps to ensure compliance with regulations and environmental requirements. With this technology, farmers are well equipped for the digital age.

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