Automatic recording with S-Fleet, AFS Connect and PLM Connect from CNH Industrial

11.12.2023, aprankl

From crop management decisions to avoiding incorrect operations in the field. From the fulfilment of legal recording obligations to cost accounting. The basis for every application is the recording of field work. Why do it manually when your tractor can do it automatically? Modern tractors from Steyr, Case IH and New Holland are able to precisely record field work with the tractor terminal directly during work. New: Field work can now be recorded automatically with Steyr, Case IH and New Holland tractors, imported directly into Farmdok and used to create measures.

Is this possible with my tractor? | Requirements

Your Steyr/Case IH/New Holland tractor must be equipped with the original S-Guide/Accuguide/Intellisteer steering system, a PCM modem including an active telemetry licence and an ISOBUS socket so that the field work can be recorded automatically.

All tractors equipped ex works with the new Infomat 1200, AFS 1200 or Intelliview 12 terminal and steering system automatically fulfil all requirements. In principle, the system can be retrofitted to any tractor with S-Tech700(+), AFS 700(+) or Intelliview 4. Please contact your Steyr, Case IH or New Holland sales partner.

Once work with an ISOBUS device has been completed, the recorded data is transferred directly to the Farmdok portal.

What do I have to do for my ISOBUS Display to record field work?

  1. Log in to the MySteyr, MyCaseih or MyNewHolland portal and thus access S-Fleet, AFS Connect or PLM Connect.
  2. Your Steyr, Case IH or New Holland sales partner links your tractor to your account and checks the connection/licences.
  3. Create master data (farmer, farm, field) on the tractor terminal and start working in the field.

The field data is recorded automatically. As soon as the job is completed (manually or change of field or implement), the recorded data is automatically uploaded to the S-Fleet, AFS Connect or PLM Connect portal. Further instructions can be found in the MyCaseih/MyNewHolland portal under AFS Academy or PLM Academy.

How do I get the records into FARMDOK? | Documenting

With the FARMDOK Performance and Premium packages, Farmdok makes it possible to import field work from S-Fleet, AFS Connect and PLM Connect. You can connect directly from Farmdok to the MySteyr, MyCaseih or MyNewHolland portal, load the data and create measures from it.

  1. Open the “Measures” function in Farmdok. The “Import measures” button is visible in the function bar.
  2. Start the import process and select the CNH CONNECT platform option to import measures from AFS Connect, S-Fleet or PLM Connect.
  3. After selecting the farmer, farm and period, available ISOXML data is loaded and measures are generated for each documented field operation.
  4. The preview shows all measures generated from the data. After checking and completing the data, the import can be continued and the measures saved.

If activities, products or machines are not automatically recognised because they have slightly different names in Farmdok, the correct Farmdok counterpart can be selected in the preview. Farmdok remembers this setting for the next import process. It is also possible to add missing parameters, products or machines in the preview.

This is technology that helps in practice!

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