FARMDOK is the right app for agriculturalists

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Fields can be imported or can be manually created with the app and the web client.
If the plots weren’t measured in advance, FARMDOK will create them automatically during fieldwork. The outline of the field is determined by the GPS lane.
The graphic plot management on the map is especially clear and intuitive.

Cultivation planning

FARMDOK determines the plant nutrients when crops and yield are listed in the system. Treshold values and impacts from previous crops can be adapted.

Fertilisation planning*

During fertilisation planning, the nutrient balance for nitrogen, phosphorus and potash for your whole business is determined. FARMDOK identifies data that doesn’t comply with the legal rules.

* FARMDOK also supports the DÜV under German federal law for companies in Germany. For further information, click here.


In the FARMDOK app, tasks are automatically determined and booked with the GPS lane. The tasks are automatically transferred and are available on the web client for further work, changes or analysis.

Stock management

For fertilisers and pesticides that are added to a task, a stock withdrawl is automatically booked.
This way warehouse stock and usage are always up-to-date.


Notes with pictures can also be recorded via smartphone. Pictures and notes are also available on the web client for further changes or analysis.


The most important legally-necessary reports can be generated with the push of a button. The form with measures, nutrient balance and notes is also available on your smartphone.
The legally required plant protection documentation is always up to date and ready to use.
The parameters of overall fertilisation plan are calculated by Farmdok based on your input. Farmdok verifies compliance and marks any discrepancies. During a check, all reports are available at the touch of a button.
A complete and clean record per field is not only important for regulatory controls, but a good basis for your own production decisions.
The compliance with the guidelines for the ÖPUL measure "System Immergrün" has never been so easy to check. The proportion and the period of open soil are determined from the activity and recorded in the report


To manage more than one legal distinct farm efficiently, activities need to be planned and operated together. With multi-company distinct farms can be managed as one big farm. This feature will be activated on request for FARMDOK Premium (, +43 699 160 811 49).

Activity planning

In the activity planning section, tasks can be planned in advance and assigned to the operators. The operator receives the assignment via smartphone and document its implementation.
The graphic activity planning on the map is especially practical for summarising jobs regionally.

Customer relation management

Especially for contractors the customer relation management is useful. The customer designation is shown on the field. Reports (e.g. plant protection report) can be created per customer.

Cost accounting

With cost accounting, contribution margin and direct cost-free service can be calculated. Set expenses (operating materials and machinery) and yields, e.g. from the harvest to optimize your operation and find out where costs can be saved or more yield can be achieved. Standard prices (for example according to ÖKL guidelines) are already deposited in FARMDOK.